Thursday, 22 January 2015

Art Class week 3

Wash and Ink

Another week at Art class.  This week we had to bring along a photograph printed in b/w.  I chose this photo that I took on holiday last year in Norway.  It was taken on a railway station in Myrdal, 8668 metres above sea level.  We stopped here to change trains to catch the train down to Flam.  Although it was June there was still snow on the mountains all around.  Very beautiful.  There was a little cafe on the station and this ladder was showing the opening times, in English. The painting was done in gouache and the ink added afterwards. This week we were allowed to use pens rather than sticks!  

Norway is a beautiful country and well worth a visit if you haven't been.  The people were all very friendly and helpful and the food excellent as long as you like lots of fish.

Lesley x

Monday, 19 January 2015

Very Hungry Caterpillars

This is my latest grandson, Forrest.  I knitted him a caterpillar outfit when he was born in November.  The little toy I knitted with the leftover wool as a Christmas present.  I had a request for a bigger hat as he had outgrown the first size one.  The second one I knitted was miles too big but this one looks just about right. (Goldilocks story comes to mind here). I think he looks very cute but then I am biased. 

Lesley x

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Felt Rabbits

At last felt rabbit has a friend, although I'm not sure he looks too happy about it.  Took a bit longer than expected as I broke the two felting needles supplied with the kit.  I had to wait until we had made a trip into Norwich to get some more needles to finish him.  Still lots of wool left in the kit, especially pink, so will have to think what else I can do with it.  Maybe a browse of Pinterest will inspire me.

Lesley x

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Art Class week 2

Still Life - Tulips

This week I was a bit out of my comfort zone with Indian ink and watercolour.  I normally draw in pencil quite accurately before attempting to paint.  Today we had to draw with a twig dipped in Indian ink without any pencil work first.  When the ink was dry I added watercolour with a brush. My tutor suggested adding the background which I am pleased I did.  I am happy with the result and might just have to go and cut some twigs from the garden to have another go at this method.  Drawing with twigs certainly frees you from trying to draw accurately. Hope you like it too.

Lesley x

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Art Class

Still Life

Xmas Pot Plant

First Art class of the year, and it was good to meet up with friends. We had to choose from a variety of still life compositions and draw them with dry materials.  This is done in pencil and then coloured with pastels.  As usual, I don't know when to stop and I defined some of the edges, rather too harshly, with pen and ink when I got home.

Lesley x

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Felt Rabbit

Thankyou Jackie and Chris for my birthday present, a felting kit to make 2 rabbits.  As you can see the first one is completed.  I have never needle felted before so I am quite pleased with the results although I do have a few pin pricks in my fingers.  Not sure it looks much like a rabbit but as it was my first attempt I followed the instructions and it does look reasonably like the one on the box. I now need to make his partner.

Happy New Year

Lesley x

Thursday, 1 January 2015

ClarityStamp Challenge - Wings

How thrilled was I to be asked to join the Claritystamp Challenge Design team. I hope the Moon Fairy counts for the 'Wings' theme as I don't as yet have any of the beautiful bird stamps that Clarity have produced recently. Apologies for the photography. The colours on the Moon Fairy, although muted, are a bit brighter than this photo shows.

Inks: Archival Jet Black, Adirondack Denim and Egg Plant
Stamps: Moon Fairy, 'Dream' from Birdcage set
Other: Clarity Coated Card, Colouring pencils

First stamp the 'Moon Fairy' onto  Coated/Silk ClarityCard.  Brayer Denim Ink onto the card making it darker in the corners.  Darken even further by brayering Egg Plant over the corners.

Carefully lift the colour from the Moon Fairy using water on a fine paintbrush and then blotting with kitchen towel.  I did this in several stages.  When dry, colour in the fairy with colouring pencils. (This hasn't shown up much in the photo).

To make the stars, dip an old toothbrush in water and shake off the excess. Run your finger over the bristles to spray the background. Gently blot with kitchen towel.  Or you could use a spritzer bottle, but mine always seem to get blocked up.

The next bit I practised first on a spare bit of card before committing myself. Brush the 'Dream' stamp with water and stamp onto the background.  Blot with kitchen towel to leave a white impression of the stamp.  Don't worry if it is a bit blurry.  When dry, stamp again this time with Archival Black Ink slightly offsetting it from the white version.

Draw round the edge with a Black permanent marker and mount first on silver and then dark blue card.

Hope you like my first effort for the Challenge Design Team.

Lesley x