Thursday, 22 January 2015

Art Class week 3

Wash and Ink

Another week at Art class.  This week we had to bring along a photograph printed in b/w.  I chose this photo that I took on holiday last year in Norway.  It was taken on a railway station in Myrdal, 8668 metres above sea level.  We stopped here to change trains to catch the train down to Flam.  Although it was June there was still snow on the mountains all around.  Very beautiful.  There was a little cafe on the station and this ladder was showing the opening times, in English. The painting was done in gouache and the ink added afterwards. This week we were allowed to use pens rather than sticks!  

Norway is a beautiful country and well worth a visit if you haven't been.  The people were all very friendly and helpful and the food excellent as long as you like lots of fish.

Lesley x


  1. this is fabulous Lesley - art class sounds great. Thanks for visiting my blog - big hugs Rachel x

  2. Lesley this is wonderful, the brick work look so realistic and it is a very pretty piece of art.