Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Art Class - A Night Scene


I have been getting behind on finishing my paintings and putting them on the blog so now it is catch up time.  This one I started at home several weeks ago after I missed one of the classes where the topic was painting a night scene.  I have two cold-cast bronze hare sculptures by Paul Jenkins and thought it would be fun to try to create a night scene around a painting of one of them.  I have used gold and brown acrylic paint for the hare, to capture the look of the ornament rather than a real hare. For the sky I used an iridescent medium added to the blue to give the impression of twinkling stars.  The flash from the camera has bounced off this so the photograph isn't a true representation.  I had intended to add some trees in the background but once I had got to this stage I quite liked the simplicity of the painting and didn't want to risk spoiling it. My tutor does keep saying "Sometimes less is more".  Not sure what the others did in the class I missed but I enjoyed trying out the iridescent medium and using the gold paint.  

Lesley x

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