Friday, 26 June 2015

Art Class - Not quite fifty shades of green!

Puddle Duck Pond

This painting in acrylic was influenced by the Jungle paintings of Henri Rousseau, last weeks artist to research.  We had spent half an hour mixing as many different greens as we could with our own paints and this proved very useful as a reference when I came to paint my picture. Not quite fifty shades! We have a large natural pond in our garden and this is based on a photograph I took. Rousseau added exotic animals to his paintings so I thought I would add a Moorhen. Not really exotic but I thought the colours of the bird worked well with the painting.  We do have a resident pair nesting in the reeds but they are very shy so I resorted to Jeremy's bird books so that I could add one in. Some bits of the painting are better than others.  I spent a lot of time on the large leaves at the front and they are more detailed than others.

Lesley x

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