Monday, 1 June 2015

Clarity Stamp Challenge - Boys Boys Boys

Another month has flown by and it's time for another design for the ClarityStamp Challenge. This month the theme is Boys Boys Boys.

As usual I have worked on several variations at the same time so the photos don't always tally with the finished card, but I hope you will get some idea of the method used. I chose to use the black/white, simpler version as it shows the stamps better although it turned out more Riverdance than the intended Boy Band. 

Stamps: Clarity Characters set, Letterbox Set
Inks:      Adirondack Pitch Black, Jet Black Archival
Other:   Clarity Coated/Silk Card, Stencil brushes, black pen, 

Monochrome version (above)

  • Stamp Douglas several times on Clarity Card, some at slight angles. I used first generation ink to get the silhouette really dark, take care not to slip when stamping on silky card.
  • Stamp the rest of the crowd below, don't worry about overlapping.
  • Create spotlights by using copier paper to mask off in stages and brush very lightly with black ink. Add the stage line with a black pigment liner.
  • Cut out, edge with black pen, mount on silver then black card before sticking to white card.
  • Stamp 'Boyz' three times, using the Letterbox set,  onto white card, cut out, edge in black and stick onto card.  (I probably should have done this with masking but I didn't think that far ahead when I started.)

Thought you might like to see some other versions on the same theme.

Version 2

 Ingredients much the same except I used Theuva card, various colour Adironacks and Promarkers for colouring. Green is just backing paper for the photo.

Stamp Douglas as before but this time "2nd" generation ink. You don't want it too dark because you are going to colour over it. 

Using a black pen roughly draw on the outline of suits etc.  Add some arms and colour these in with a grey Promarker.  

Colour in with Promarkers. Promarkers affect the stamped images slightly. I used this effect to lighten the faces.
Create the spotlights and background as before, this time with Butterscotch, Stream and Egg Plant inks with a few black lines added. Cut out and mount on silver card.

For this version I created the crowd on a different piece of card and brushed on Denim ink to match the backing card before mounting below the Boyz.

Version 3
This one is a combination of version 1 and 2.

Looking forward to seeing all your entries this month and hope I have given you some inspiration.

Lesley x


  1. Simply Wonderful Lesley....what a marvellous selection you have made....all the versions are just brilliant....Loving the adoring well thought out and executed....such a talented lady. Hugs xxxx

    1. I do like this have not got any of these one but still would never thought this idea well done xx

    2. I do like this have not got any of these one but still would never thought this idea well done xx

  2. The crowd scene is truly inspired Lesley. Super idea, hope I can use sometime. Love you different versions of the card and thank you for explaining so well in your super blog. Hugs. xxx

  3. This scene is lovely on this card I do love this stamp. Xx

  4. great card Lesley what a wonderful idea - a boys band and their adoring fans! - I love it xx

  5. Your card is so clever, Lesley. I don't have this particular stamp as I could not see a use for it, but now - well you have opened my eyes! As for the backgrounds - superb! ;~}

  6. Love this card Lesley and your take on the theme? Your spotlights and adoring fans are fab too. x

  7. Wonderful cards Lesley. I do love the cleaner lines of version 1, but the other versions are great too. I especially like how in these, you have given each 'Douglas' his own look and modern hairstyle, as well as a very snazzy suit. Xxx

  8. What a great design Lesley - I personally like the coloured one as "The Boyz" look far more relaxed than the Riverdance lads! lol
    Great blog too :-) xxx

  9. Thanks everyone for your kind comments. I was going to use the suited version but thought that you couldn't see the stamps so well after all my doodling. x