Thursday, 26 November 2015

Art Class - Half term homework

Prince and his Tutor

We have been doing life drawing, a first for me, and I'm not sure what the rules are on sharing life drawings without asking the sitter's permission, so I thought I would post my homework instead. The task was to enlarge and interpret a black and white photocopy of part of a painting by Gerrrit Dou in our own colours. I have tried portraits before in acrylic but they weren't very successful so for this I chose soft pastels for a change.  I found getting the detail difficult with the pastel sticks, even using a blender tool, so there is a bit of graphite pencil work on the eyes.  This did not photograph very well as the light bounced off it.  If anyone knows how to do details with soft pastel I would love to hear from you.

Lesley x

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Art Class - Roman pots version 3

This is the painting I had in my head when I took the photograph back in September.  It is painted in acrylic on a paper with a slight texture. By using lots of dry brushing the texture of the paper breaks up the colour creating the effect I wanted on the pots.  I have used colours that are much brighter than the original pots. Thought you might like to see the other versions together with the photograph. 

I would welcome your comments and perhaps you could let me know which version you prefer. 

Lesley x

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Art Class - Zentangle Pots

This is another version of my Roman pots that I posted on 4th November.  I printed a small copy, about 5" by 7", of my Patrick Caulfield pots for my sketchbook. I traced the outlines of the pots onto some cartridge paper and then just doodled inside them with a black pen. This is quite relaxing and doesn't take very long, unless you are a perfectionist.  I did do another version that I coloured in but I prefer this monochrome one. I have also made a start at painting my original enlargement of the photo, which I will post when finished.

Lesley x

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Art Class - Impressionist Chrysanthemums

Still life
Another still-life, this time incorporating a 2D picture (front of the book) with 3D objects.  Not over enthused by the topic this week but thought I would try to paint in an impressionist way to keep in the style of the painting on the front of the book.  I am quite pleased with the flowers but still have trouble with my greens ending up too bright, even though I mix the colours rather than using green from a tube. This is painted in Acrylic with a bit of white pen work for the text.

Lesley x

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Art Class - On holiday in Italy

Roman Pots
A week in Italy on the beautiful Amalfi coast. Back in class the others were doing exercises in enlarging from pictures, so I was set the task of taking lots of photographs while on holiday so that I could enlarge one when I got back.  So many beautiful views to choose from but most I would sketch freehand without having to scale up.  However, one of pots, taken in a Museum at a Roman villa in Minori, I thought would need more accurate drawing. (I did ask for permission to take photos, and it was OK as long as no flash was used).

Back home, having scaled up the photo, it reminded me of a painting of pots by Patrick Caulfield.  My daughter studied his work for her A Level Art and we had taken her to an exhibition of his work back in 1999.  She still had the exhibition book which I have borrowed.

Pottery - Patrick Caulfield
Having already enlarged the photo onto a textured Acrylic paper I decided to trace it and transfer the image to some smooth Mixed Media paper.  It was then just a case of going over the pencil lines with a black sharpie pen and colouring in with bright acrylic paint.  Still took me an hour and a half to paint, though it was quite therapeutic. The original enlargement I intend to paint in my own style at a later date.  

Lesley x

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Claritystamp Challenge - Clean and simple

A very simple card from me this month.  I made this card for my son-in-law's birthday.  The inspiration was a family day we spent together on my grandson's birthday earlier in the year.  He was given a kite for his birthday and being only 2 needed his Dad's help to fly it.  We couldn't stop laughing as he ran across the field, youngest son on his shoulders, trying to get the kite to catch the wind, his 3 year old son copying his mum and shouting "Faster, Lee, run faster".  It was a great day, and yes, Lee did manage to get the kite to fly. I will put the quote inside the card.  

Stamps: Claritystamps Man and boy from Wee Folk 1 set, Wrought Iron kite
Ink:        Archival Watering can
Other:    X-cut die for bows, Black pen

No step-by-step photos for this one as it is so simple.

  • Stamp Wee folk and kite straight onto card blank using Watering can Archival ink and the kite again on some card covered on back with double sided tape.
  • Draw a line from the kite to the man.
  • Cut out kite from the card and stick on some thread for the kite tail before placing over the stamped kite on the card.
  • Die cut bows, or make your own in various coloured card and stick over thread to hold it in place. The end bit is loose.
  • Add 'Happy Birthday'. I have a pre-printed sheet of card with lots of different sentiments.
  • Finishing touches. With black pen draw a box around the sentiment, add some grass for the wee folk to stand on and a rectangle around the edge of the card.
I do find making cards for men more difficult and perhaps the answer is to keep it simple.  Hope Lee will like this one and it brings back memories of that day in July.

If you want to enter the Claritystamp challenge this month it couldn't be simpler.  Looking forward to seeing all your entries.

Lesley x