Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Art Class - On holiday in Italy

Roman Pots
A week in Italy on the beautiful Amalfi coast. Back in class the others were doing exercises in enlarging from pictures, so I was set the task of taking lots of photographs while on holiday so that I could enlarge one when I got back.  So many beautiful views to choose from but most I would sketch freehand without having to scale up.  However, one of pots, taken in a Museum at a Roman villa in Minori, I thought would need more accurate drawing. (I did ask for permission to take photos, and it was OK as long as no flash was used).

Back home, having scaled up the photo, it reminded me of a painting of pots by Patrick Caulfield.  My daughter studied his work for her A Level Art and we had taken her to an exhibition of his work back in 1999.  She still had the exhibition book which I have borrowed.

Pottery - Patrick Caulfield
Having already enlarged the photo onto a textured Acrylic paper I decided to trace it and transfer the image to some smooth Mixed Media paper.  It was then just a case of going over the pencil lines with a black sharpie pen and colouring in with bright acrylic paint.  Still took me an hour and a half to paint, though it was quite therapeutic. The original enlargement I intend to paint in my own style at a later date.  

Lesley x

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