Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Claritystamp Challenge - A Christmas Story

This month's challenge is 'A Christmas Story' .  I'm sure many of you have already made this year's cards but I am way behind so I thought I would go for a design that didn't take too long to make.

Stamps: Claritystamp Pear Tree and Small partridge.
Stencil:  Claritystamp NDSC13 Various Pots
Ink:       Archival Black, Adirondack Stream, Butterscotch and Cranberry
Other:    Versmark pen, Gold embossing powder, Black pen, Colouring pencils and pens

  • My background paper for this is a shaving foam offcut from my box of 'might be useful someday'
  • Make masks for the small partridge, pears (drawn freehand) and the pot (using the stencil) on sticky-notes.
  • On background paper stamp the partridge using Black Archival ink and cover with it's mask.
  • Draw the outline of the pot using the stencil and a black pen and then cover with it's mask.
  • Position your pear masks wherever you want them.

Apologies for the blurry image.

  • Stamp the Pear Tree using Black Archival ink and then remove the masks.
  • Draw in the pears and the back of the pot with black pen.

  • Place stencil back over pot and using a makeup sponge add colour using Adirondack Stream, Butterscotch and Cranberry.
  • Colour in the leaves, pears and Partridge using whatever you prefer. I used some waterbased pens with a fine nib for the leaves and the brush end for the pears. A touch of white pen for the highlights.
  • Add some more shading to the pot with colouring pencils.

  • Trim and edge.  I first went round the edge with an alcohol pen but this didn't work very well on the shaving foam.  To retrieve this I went over it with a Versamark pen and added gold embossing powder and heat set this.
  • With the embossing powder out, I couldn't resist adding gold to a few leaves, a tiny bit on the pears and the stripe on the pot.
  • Add the impression of a table with pencils to ground the pot.
  • Mount on blue and gold card before attaching to card blank.
  • Final touch. Add a small tag made from a scrap of card. Write on 'Happy Christmas' message. Draw string with pen.

Hope you like my design and feel inspired to have a go at the Claritystamp Challenge yourself. 

Lesley x

I tried this design again without the shaving foam background to give a cleaner image. It was even quicker now that I have all the masks cut out. Glitter glue instead of gold embossing.  I like this version better.


  1. A beautiful card i think they both look nice a very clever idea. Xxx

  2. Wonderful design a beautiful combination and love your colours. Hugs.

  3. Fabulous cards Lesley and both versions are beautiful. Great blog too. Hugs xxxx

  4. So love what you have done with your tree and the back ground really lovely xx

  5. Both versions of your card are beautiful Lesley. Thanks for sharing how you achieved your lovley scene. x

  6. Well I love them both - the first for its "artyness" - is that a word lol and the second one is equally as lovely for its cleanness. . I would never have guessed that was a shaving foam background - it looks like you have done something really clever with paint xx

  7. Thanks everyone your comments are really appreciated. I have made a few of the 2nd version now varying the colours so I don't get bored. Christmas cards nearly all made now. x

  8. A masterpiece, Lesley, and so clever. (Sorry, that should be plural!) I wouldn't want to give them away. Must get down to our cards now that I'm back from Mum's. ;~}

  9. Love both of these Lesley, but my favourite is the first one. I think the arty shaving foam background is fabulous. Xxx