Friday, 22 January 2016

Art Class - Charcoal drawing

Still Life - Puma
Another term started and I am already a week behind in putting up my work.  We are starting off the term with oil painting. Not having any oil paints I decided to buy myself a beginners set of water soluble oils to have a go at.  My thinking was this would be easier to clean up etc.  No oils this week but charcoal to get us back into drawing before painting next week.

Evidently this big cat was donated to the Art department many years ago by a Department store in Norwich, where it had been used in a window display.  It is about three feet tall and looking a bit battered now but it must have been great in that shop window.  

Working in charcoal was very messy and I found it very difficult to get the detailed edges even with a plastic colour shaper. It was only when I got home and wrote some notes on the back that I realised the paper used had a textured side and I had used the smooth side. I did cheat and add a few highlights with a white pastel as my rubber didn't lift the charcoal very well.

Looking forward to getting back to painting next week as I haven't done any at all over the Christmas period.  

Lesley x

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