Friday, 26 February 2016

Art Class - Cypress Trees

This week's exercise was to take a black and white photograph  and interpret it in colour.  I used a photograph I took on holiday last year in Italy on a day trip to visit the remains of an ancient Greek city at Paestum.  I have many pictures of the fantastic Greek temples but this one was taken on the very edge of the settlement, looking away from the remains.

I started off trying to emulate the style of Van Gogh.  I had in my mind a painting of cypress trees he had done.  However, that didn't work as you can see.  At the end of the class we compared our paintings to the colour versions and my grass was far too green, the earth being nearly parched in the original, and the sky far too vivid. The painting was finished at home and I must admit I used my colour photograph to help me get more realistic colours. Yes, I know that is not what the exercise was about but I had lost interest towards the end. I have a wonderful painting in my head if only I could get it onto the canvas.

Lesley x

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