Thursday, 4 February 2016

Art Class - Earth colours

Still life
This weeks exercise was to paint a still life using oils in earth colours.  I had bought a beginners set of Artisan Oils but this didn't have enough of the earth colours in so I reverted back to my acrylic paints and tried to use them like oils.  I am quite pleased with the results especially as I didn't do any preliminary pencil drawing and started straight away with brushes.  The lipstick was added to the painting at home as I felt the composition wasn't quite balanced.  Not having the other objects at home to compare with it was difficult to get the scale of the lipstick correct but I think it does add to the overall painting. The painting is darker than the photo shows, the flash has made some of the highlights look white but the are really a pale yellow ochre.  I keep wanting to make the lipstick bright red, what do you think?

Lesley x