Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Art Class - Thistles

I have called this painting Thistles but I think maybe the larger ones are artichokes.  We had to take in a still life to paint but I hadn't got round to getting one together so I quickly grabbed some old silk flowers I had in a cupboard and took those.  This is my first attempt at using my new Artisan water soluble oil paints.  The canvas board had been given a wash of Raw Umber acrylic before the class.  I used acrylic so that it would dry quickly. Our tutor told us it is alright to use acrylic under oils but never the other way around.  I found using the oils very different to my usual acrylics but very enjoyable. For health and safety we are not allowed to use solvents in the studio. The Artisan oils can be cleaned up with water which makes life a lot easier.  Because of the drying time this was painted over two classes. It took nearly a week to be  touch dry.  I won't use oils again in class because of the practicalities of transportation but I will definitely have another go at home.

Lesley x

 PS. The speckles are light reflections off the oils. I must learn how to take better photographs. 

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