Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Art Class - Abstract design

Can you see what it is yet?

A very different class today.  We have a different tutor while our usual one recovers from a fall. As a getting to know us exercise we started by drawing our hands.  A difficult enough task, but first we had to do it without looking at the paper at all.  I wont show you my effort from that.  Then we could look 10% of the time and finally another quick sketch where we were allowed to look at the paper.  At least that one resembled a hand.  Next we did the same thing again with some objects chosen from the studio. I chose two small jars.  Then we had to focus in on a section we liked and develop an image.

extract from sketchbook
I rather liked the simple lines of the 'no-looking at the paper' jars and developed this at home, first onto some old Gelli-prints

extract from sketchbook
and then into a small painting (18 cm x 18 cm).

Only then did I remember the task was to develop an abstract so I looked back at my sketchbook and decided to use the shapes at the bottom-right as the basic outlines for some Zentangling. The result of which is at the top of this blog.  I really enjoyed this exercise, an interesting way to develop images into something new. I think the Zentangle and the Gelli print images would work well on cards.

Hope you like too.

Lesley x

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