Thursday, 12 May 2016

Art Class - Rose lino-cut

Another example of a lino cut. I designed this from a photograph of a rose taken by my sister-in-law Sandra. She has a beautiful garden. 

This time I have gone for a simple one block print which I will print onto different papers or colour in by hand.

This one has been printed onto a scrap of paper used to clean my brayer during a Gelli-print session. 

Not a lino-print but a copy of my original design which I have doodled into. 

The great thing about lino-cuts is that once you have your block cut you can experiment and print as many times as you like in different colours, on different papers etc.  This is a small print approximately 11 x 11 cm designed to fit on a card blank. 

This blog was supposed to go out before the one about the rose painting.   Still trying to catch up and got myself a bit muddled. Never mind.

Lesley x

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