Friday, 1 July 2016

Claritystamp Challenge - A day out

Another month goes by.  Can it really be July.  Hopefully I will be able to update you on our move soon. This month's Claritystamp challenge is "A day out" and what better than a drive in the countryside.  I am sure Santa won't mind me adapting his vintage car.

Stamps: Santa's car NDC#97, Tree branch from Fly away, Grasses 2 and 3, Small 3 trees
Inks:     Adirondack, Peach Bellini, Lettuce and Stonewashed, Archival Black
Other:   Spectrum Noir pencils, Black pen, Pebeo Drawing Gum

I did remember to take photos en route but some appear on my camera but not when I put the card in the computer and the ones that do are decidedly blurry but I'm sure you will get the idea. 

  • To get Santa's car without the Christmas tree, cover the tree with some masking tape, ink up with black, remove the tape and then stamp onto your card.

  • The missing lines will be drawn in later with pen but for now just lightly pencil them in. (On my first attempt I found the masking fluid and the pen blended, not what I wanted)
  • Paint masking fluid over the car, but not the windows and allow to dry.  Rinse your brush immediately with water. 
car with blue masking fluid
  • Using some torn copier paper as a mask brush on the inks to create your landscape.
  • I used a cloud stencil in the sky but later trimmed this off.
  • Stamp the tree branches at the top and the grasses at the bottom.  First and second generation ink for the grasses.
  • Remove the masking fluid and colour in the car with pencils.

  • Trim the card and edge with a black Sharpie pen.
  • Stamp on some small trees to give perspective.
  • Emphasise the hills and road with pencils.
  • Draw in the interior of the car.  Probably too small to see but I added a couple of little faces peering out of the back window. (Pre seat belt regulations)  " Are we there yet?"

  • By this stage I had got inky finger marks on the front of my card blank so decided to make a matching background paper to cover it.
  • Using the same inks as on the card randomly splodge some ink onto a craft mat, lightly spray with water, and then place on some cling film and move around.
  • Remove the cling film and lay down some copier paper onto the ink.
  • OK result but too dark for this card so I placed the still inky clingfilm onto some card and I liked this much better.  Looks like dappled light shining through the leaves of a tree. Much greener in real life than the photo shows.
  • Cover the front of the card with the background card and then stick on the main picture.

Looking forward to all your entries this month.  Keep crafting.

Lesley x


  1. So beautiful a scene, Lesley, particularly love all the shading on car and road. ;~}

  2. A clever idea to use this car stamp, a lovely scene. Xx

  3. A clever idea to use this car stamp, a lovely scene. Xx

  4. Good idea with car had wondered your scene is so nice xx

  5. Thanks for sharing the idea with the car, will have to try this out. Lovely card

  6. Love this! And it just goes to show, all it takes is a little ingenuity to expand the repertoire of what, at first glance, is a very seasonal stamp! Mind you, how many of us would have thought of it? - many thanks for the inspiration.

  7. What an idyllic scene Lesley. I'm sure even Santa needs a break in the countryside every now & again! Your card is beautiful.
    What a great idea to cover up inky finger marks. Isn't it annoying when you have the finished artwork, then something like that happens? It's a great recovery and just proves - Never give up on a piece of artwork after a little blip!!
    Have a lovely weekend, Carole x

  8. Thanks everyone. Moving on Monday so will be quiet on the blog until Internet is restored, hopefully in a couple of weeks. x

    1. Packing and unpacking, Lesley, well understood in the Metselaar household - actually it's a great time to 'get rid.' Best wishes! ;~}

  9. What a fabulous nostalgic scene Lesley and so beautifully coloured. I really love it. Hope your house move goes smoothly. Xxx

  10. I love how you've adapted the car for this day out, and your background is beautifully executed Lesley. Good luck with the move. x

  11. what a great scene you have created sorry I am late visiting - its been manic here. I hope the move went well