Saturday, 27 August 2016

Art Class - Black and White Rose

The design for this Acrylic painting started out in my sketchbook as a design for a lino cut to make into greetings cards.  It reminded me of a painting by Edward Middleditch that I had seen at an exhibition at Norwich Castle Museum many years ago.  I just had to have a go at a painting.

Edward Middleditch 
Unlike Middleditch, I kept my painting as stark black and white with no grey shading as I liked the contrast. I used some digital prints of my painting for making some greetings cards.

card 1
card 2
I prefer the cropped square version of the card and I think I will use this shape when I design the lino cut. Which do you prefer?

Lesley x


  1. I prefer the square one too. I see the leaves as a spider's web in the portrait card which distracts me from the rose. It's strange though as I don't see it as much in the original painting.

  2. Thanks Amber, constructive comments are always very useful x