Thursday, 1 September 2016

Claritystamp Challenge - In the Garden

Sorry that I did not get time to produce a card for the last challenge.  Our house move went well and we have settled in now.  The new craft room, in an outbuilding, is all set up and neat and tidy.  The trouble is I don't know where anything is anymore!  Managed to get an afternoon on my own last week and made this card, my first since moving in early July.

Stamps: Claritystamp NDC#101 Agapanthus, Large Dragonfly
Inks:      Alcohol inks, Black Archival
Other:    Claritystamp Card

  • I started out wanting to have a play with some alcohol inks and the Clarity coated white card but I could not find where I had put my inks.  I did, however, find some previous examples, so decided to use one of these.  The ink has been dripped onto an applicator and them randomly dotted over the card.  Alcohol inks work so well on the Clarity card.
  • Stamp the Agapanthus over the splodges of colour using an Archival black ink.  It is better to use second generation ink on Clarity card as otherwise it can slip. I forgot this and my first stamp, at the bottom, was blurry. I also dropped the ink pad onto the card which you can also see.  Never mind, it will be cut off later.

  • Colour in the flowers using water-based pens. I used two colours to match the background.

  • Stamp the dragonfly onto a piece of the alcohol inked background paper and cut out the wings.
  • Stamp the dragonfly again onto a square piece of card.

  • Trim the background and edge this and the Dragonfly with a Sharpie pen.
  • Attach the second pair of wings and shape to add dimension.

  • Finally mount onto a blank card.
  • Tried this way first .....

  • ... but decided I liked it better like this.

A simple design, but it got me back into the swing of things after a few weeks crafting break.  Looking forward to seeing all your entries.

Lesley x


  1. I'm pleased someone else drops ink pads on their work - like toast falling butter side down, it's always the darkest colour, too! Love the alcohol inks as a background for the random agapanthus and the addition of the dragonfly on the off-set square is genius! Fab! ;~}

  2. Hi Lesley Glad the move went well and lucky you with a craft room and all neat and tidy - it wont be like that for long and then you will be able to find everything amongst the melee lol. Great card and that background perfect for the flower x